Frequently Asked Questions  

What are the dangers of thumb sucking? 

It's important to remember that thumb sucking is perfectly natural. In fact 80% of babies at some point suck their thumb, some as early as the womb. The habit helps calm in times of stress. It makes babies feel secure.

However, the habit is not without its negative effects. Often seen in the early stages, thumb-sucking may cause; chapped lips, cracked skin, calluses and finger nail infections.

Most children experience only these minor effects of thumb-sucking and tend to stop around the age of 2.

It's widely documented that thumb-sucking should be actively discouraged through toddler years to avoid more serious effects, which can include;

  • Hindered speech development
  • Misaligned teeth, if thumb-sucking continues as adult teeth begin to grow
  • An asymmetrical bite. The soft jaws of a child can begin to change shape, making room for a thumb if sucked too hard and too often.

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What's included in the box?

One (1) Dr Thumb guard
Two (2) adjustable straps
One (1) storage case
One (1) user guide

Does Dr Thumb fit both hands?

Yes. Dr Thumb is designed to fit both right and left hands.

Will I need one for each thumb?

If your child predominantly sucks just one thumb, our research has shown that it is unlikely they will begin sucking the other thumb after putting on the guard.

If however, your child sucks their right and left thumbs interchangeably showing little to no preference between  the two - then you should consider two guards to break the habit.

Not too sure which size to get?

If you're not too sure which size will best fit your child, try measuring the diameter of their thumb with a piece of string. The exact measurements of Dr Thumb are detailed here.

Note that the thumb poking out of the top of the guard does not compromise its effectiveness. Dr Thumb is designed with grooves down the side, so if the thumb does touch the sides, the vacuum will still be broken.

If after measuring you're still in two minds; to ensure maximum comfort we would always recommend the larger size.

Help - my child can take it off!

If in the instance your child can remove the guard, there are several adjustments that can be made to help ensure a more secure fit.

The most important adjustment is made from the front. Dr Thumb has two loops for the strap to fasten through. Undo the strap and try going through the top loop as pictured. This should help to firmly pull the guard down on the thumb preventing the most determined little Houdini from wriggling free!

The video below runs through further adjustments that can be made to offer a secure, comfortable fit.

How can you claim a 92% success rate ?

Along with positive feedback received almost daily, Dr Thumb has under gone a clinical trial. You can view the results of the trial here.

Can I stock Dr Thumb?

We welcome enquiries from all retailers, large or small. We are happy to work with internet retailers, high st retailers or those who sell via events and craft fairs. For trade enquires and prices please get in touch.



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